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Binzhou Study Tour; “Explore the Charm of Knowledge”
Written on 2018-07-10 4:48 PM

Hometown of Dr. Shoutian Du – Take a peek into the residence of this renowned scholar from Binzhou. In Shandong or China, it is common for official magistrates to have their office, court, & residences all under one roof. The home of country gentries are in rare either. The home of an imperial scholar, Du Shoutian, who taught emperors, is definitely warrant your trip.

Du Shoutian is the mentor of the emperor Xianfeng of Qing Dynasty. He is also known for his wisdom, loyalty, honesty, and fairness as a high governmental official.
Du Shoutian’s former residence, located at the south street of Binzhou, was built from Ming Dynasty, and now it becomes the 4A level national tourist attraction. For this summer, let students visit this ancient building, appreciate its architectural style, and most importantly learn the characteristics and personalities that Du Shoutian had that made us extol him until now.

In ancient China, government power was centralized. Wuding Fu, namely Wuding Prefecture Government, is what is seen here. Wuding in Chinese means, “Suppression with Arm”. It was named in celebration of 1462, when one of the Ming Emperors executed his rebellious son for being extremely greedy. In ancient times, the mansion was the county’s official office, residence, and courthouse. The entire area served as the county’s town hall where local residents reported their issues there. Wuding’s jurisdiction extended southward as far as to Jinan City, the current capital city of Shandong.

As one of the best preserved county mansion with a documented history of 2,400 years, look out for the lady guide who has many inspiring stories of the mansion to openly share with you. Interesting fact, 45 years ago, the guide’s father led a massive recovery and rescue mission to excavate the historical engraved stone tablet, who was the Museum Director at that time. Thereafter, the guide’s brother was the Museum Director before retiring soon after. And now, the family heritage continues with this cultural mission to preserve and educate future generations. She has so many stories to be shared with any audience.

Location: Shoutian Du, Binzhou

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