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Written on 2018-10-24 11:00 AM

Calling all history buffs! The Great Wall of Qi, built during the Zhou Dynsaty, was constructed by the Qi State to defend against an invasion by the Kingdom of Chu. Almost 400 miles in length, this wall is considered to be the oldest Great Wall in China. Of what still remains, the wall is a […]

Written on 2018-10-10 4:00 PM

Snuff-bottles range in size from a pea grain to something slightly smaller than a glass. As a result, snuff-bottle painting is considered one of China’s wonders at Zibo. The good old collectible snuff bottles can sell for a very high price and people collect them.     Where? Zibo City 

Written on 2018-10-04 1:15 PM

Linzi Chinese Ancient Vehicle Museum in Zibo city was built based on the immolated chariots and horses of the spring and autumn period discovered in Houli, which was one of China’s top 10 archaeological discoveries in the year 1990. The museum consists of two parts: Exhibition Hall of Ancient Chariots and the Exhibition Hall of Immolated […]

Written on 2018-09-27 4:03 PM

Cheongsam, or Chi’Pao, is a traditional piece of clothing packed with symbolism for the Chinese culture. It’s so often worn as an evening gown or the ultimate dress for special occasions because Chi’Pao embodies elegance, class, tenderness and beauty in China. A Chi’Pao Expo showing off almost 1,000 gorgeous women for a little Qipao fashion show that […]

Written on 2018-08-30 2:51 PM

Before introducing the former residence of Pu Songling, it is better for you to have some knowledge about a book, called “Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio”,  written by him first. Pu Songling used the stories he made between humans and ghosts/foxes to criticize the dark sides of the society as well as express his […]

Written on 2018-08-21 6:00 PM

Wen Chang Lake Ecological Expo Garden is the most popular tourist attraction in Zibo incorporating sightseeing, tree planting, and fruit picking. With convenient transportation, it attracts tourists thousands of miles away. On August 4th, the most popular event – grape picking took place with 20 different types of grapes. The whole ecological expo garden is […]

Written on 2018-08-12 4:32 PM

After more than two year’s hard work and improvements, finally the Jiqing high speed railway line is ready for a combined testing. According to the agenda, the first trail test happened on August 1st, and this railway succeeded in passing it. Later on, there will be several other trials take place consecutively, and there is […]

Written on 2018-08-11 4:28 PM

Can you imagine the combination between the elegant billiard and the intensive soccer? Pool ball is nowadays so popular among young people. Pool ball lovers play on a billiard table with the dimension of 6 x 3 meters with 15 redesigned soccer balls. With two competing teams, when one team is playing, the other team […]

Written on 2018-07-17 4:44 PM

While World Cup is heating up the summer, do you ever wonder where the origin of soccer is and where the hometown of FIFA is? The museum I am about to introduce to you have all the answers you want. It is called “Linzi Soccer Museum”. A map inside the museum indicates the linkage of […]

Written on 2018-07-13 4:04 PM

With the development of economy, lots of residential buildings, stores, parks have been coming up in Zibo. Take for example, an old corner store has been converted to a big supermarket; an old bakery has been turned into a modern spa salon; and buildings with more than 100 years of history are replaced by skyscrapers. […]