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Shandong Binzhou
Shandong Binzhou, Hometown of Sun Zi

Binzhou rests not too far from Beijing, in the north of Shandong province. For ages, it has been well supported by the best of natural landscapes. It is fortunate to have the shelter and resources of the mountains in the south, an abundance of fertile land for crops in the north, and enough coastal territory to supply the area with fresh seafood. In addition to the rich and colorful environment in Binzhou, the area is characterized by a long and memorable history. Binzhou has been witness to the rise and fall of multiple dynasties, occupation from invaders, and the resolve of the Chinese people. As a result, there are a great number of cultural, religious, and historic attractions such as the extravagant Weishi Manor and great Buddhist temples.

Binzhou is also renowned world-wide for being the home of Sun Tzu. Sun Tzu is the author of The Art of War, a book which has been translated into nearly every language and is used by commercial and political leaders around the world. The most well-known quotation is, “Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will never be defeated.” As one of the greatest strategists the world has ever known, his former residence is remarkably maintained in the region. Locals and visitors alike continue to be inspired by the peace of his gardens and the authority of the architecture. Naturally, any trip to Shandong would be hopelessly incomplete without a chance to walk the grounds where this Sun Tzu became the legend that he is today.

Set your sights on Binzhou, where the land and people are always ready to welcome you with open arms!

Local Delicacies
Binzhou Guozi

Originally called the Xings Guozi Pie, Binzhou Guozi Pie is a tasty and aromatic snack meticulously prepared with stuffing inside .

Chicken Meat Wrapped with Paper features original juice and taste, and is crisp, tender, and aromatic. It is prepared with tender chicken meat, crushed onions, and garlic. The raw materials are divided into 24 portions, wrapped with edible paper, and fried one by one.

Qiaozhuang Fried Bun

Qiaozhuang Fried Bun is created by a man named Cui Guangrong, his restaurant established nearly 100 years ago and has been passed down for four generations to present. The bun is well-known or being delicious, it’s fine wheat, well-cooked and attractive scent. The choosing process is very strict; they use fresh pork, different kinds of spices, then pickle for a certain period of time. The frying process is also very important, just like the process of making steak, they should exercise strict control over the fire and timing.

Huimin donkey meat

Donkey meat is popular in Shandong. Huimin donkey meat is even more popular as it inherits the essence of the ancestral secret recipe, picked by experienced chefs. The taste of the meat is crisp, tender, and aromatic.

Shandong pancake

This is a typical Shandong pancake made by wheat, buckwheat and corn powder. The making process is very complicated and careful. Also, local people like toprepare it with a variety of stuffing inside, such as: shrimp, fish meat, chicken tenders, pork, mushrooms and some Chinese vegetables. Soft but also crisp, tasty and not greasy. There are a lot of reasons why this pancake is so popular; it is an absolute a must-try item when you are traveling in Shandong.

Shandong Binzhou
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Shandong Binzhou
Shandong Binzhou: Can't Miss Events
Huji Storytellers Festival

Huji Storyteller Festival is grand events of the folk storytelling and singing art. The festival is being held on the 12th day of the first lunar month every year. The festival has a history of more than 700 years. Also, the festival has been listed as a National Intangible Culture Heritage (ICH) Masterpiece by the Chinese Ministry of Culture. In the past, it was just a storytelling competition. Later on, this competition developed to a spontaneous folk communication activity for local residents to enhance friendship, and it had a distinctive characteristic of customs. During the activity, storytellers can also learn from each other, change their ideas and thoughts. Nowadays, festival activities include martial art show, traditional music show, storytelling, etc. Huji Storyteller Festival is important for passing down the traditional custom and developing the unique storytelling reputation.

Shandong Binzhou Attractions
The Old Garden of Sun Zi

Sun Zi, or Sun Wu was born in around 535 B.C. in Le’an of Qi State (present-day Huimin). Later he moved to the state of Wu, where he penned  Sun Zi’s Art of War. The architecture in the Old Garden of Sun Zi is arranged along an axis with the statue of Sun Zi as the focal point in the center. Visitors can find the Sun Zi Academy, Sun Zi Museum, and seven exhibition halls in the garden each reflecting the achievements of the great military scientists in Chinese history. Around the water area, there are pavilions, bridges, boats, and lotus flowers, adding radiance and charm to the garden.

Zhanhua Winter Jujube Tourism Area

Only one, centuries-old tree in Zhanhua County grows our world-famous winter jujubes. Winter jujubes are crisp, tender, juicy, and rich in nutrition with thin skin, hence the name, “National Treasures.”

The winter jujube in Zhanhua is well known all around China, every year a large quantity of jujube are produced here and distributed to all parts of the country, or even export to other countries in the world. Walk around in the jujube garden, embraced by thousands of plants. Pick up the fruit by yourself, experience the joy of harvest. It’s a time to forget the hustle and bustle of the city.

Wuli Shell Dyke

Wuni Shell Dyke is located in the southwest coast of the Bohai Sea. It is really a rare shell dyke around the world, and the only one in China not only in quantity but also in the level of purity. The proportion is still growing during the sea tidal. Come visit and be amazed by how many shells you see.

Du Shoumin Former Residence

Du shoumin is the teacher of Xianfeng Emperor in Qing Dynasty. He is a brilliant man of wide learning, who is admired, respected and beloved by all the folks in ancient Binzhou. There is an old Chinese saying “Great men’s sons seldom do well “, however, this saying is not suitable in Du shoumin’s family. The generations of after Du are also very outstanding. This former residence contains 208 rooms. Architectural style is simple but not plain, it is a typical style in North Shandong in ancient times, originated from Ming and Qing dynasties.

Yangxin Pear Garden

Yangxin is the hometown of the Chinese pear, Yali Pear. This pear named Yali, because of its shape of duck’s head and a golden color. The pear features thin skin, crisp flesh, long-lasting fragrance, and a mixed taste of sweet and sour. Besides, it contains a variety of rich nutrition, therefore Yali Pear can be used for the treatment of fever or cough. The harvest season is between late September and October. During the spring time, the white pretty pear blossom will be one of the most popular attractions in Binzhou city. After a winter snow, the pear trees are all wearing silver dresses, the scene in the garden will be more beautiful than ever.

Shandong Binzhou Activities
Plucking Jujube Activity
Zanghu Jujube Ecotourism Tourism Attraction is also known as the National 3A Tourist Destination. The theme is ecotourism and agriculture sightseeing. Plucking Jujube Activity is being held from September to October. During that time period, tourists can go to pluck jujubes in the garden, taste tasty jujube, stay at the farm house to experience the local farm lifestyle, and taste local food. The size of the activity is getting bigger and bigger, and attracts a lot of tourists to come to join. Additionally, other activities are the opening ceremony show and the Chinese ancient architecture culture tour. Getting away from the hustle and bustle city life, this will be a whole new and unforgettable travel experience for tourists to experience the unique activity.
Shandong Binzhou Shopping
Boxing Cloth Tiger

Binzhou Boxing cloth tiger is originated from Han Dynasty. In Chinese folk culture, tigers are believed to have supernatural powers.
Cloth tigers, such as these were made by mothers to guard their children from evil. This colorful and delicate handmade artwork is a must-have for every young kid in China.

New year woodblock printing

To celebrate the Lunar New Year in China, local residents will prepare the New Year printings to hang up on the door and wall of their houses. The woodblock printing in Qinghe, Binzhou has a history of more than 200 years. Compared with normal paper printing, wood printing is much harder to produce. It is included in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage list.

Seashell Chinaware

Wuni, Binzhou is the only place in world can produce this seashell chinaware. The raw material is chosen carefully, the production process is extremely complex and difficult, and that is why the finished products are precious. As we know, the shell resource is rich in Binzhou, it is an major advanced condition.

Shandong Binzhou Planning

Binzhou has convenient transportation facilities. The Yellow River Bridge is an important transportation hub linking Jiangsu, Shandong, Beijing, and Tianjin. No. 205 National Highway runs through Binzhou from south to north; and No. 220 National Road, runs from east to west.  The Jinan-Qingdao Expressway goes through the south of Binzhou. The Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway runs through the southern part of Binzhou as well. Additionally, Binzhou offers various harbors along its coastal areas.