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Shandong Dongying
Shandong Dongying, Estuary of the Yellow River

Dongying, located in the northern edge of Shandong, is a city known for blending the qualities of the past and present. This is largely due to the formation of the land at different periods in time, as the Yellow River made more deposits on the river bank.

The Southern area, formed about 2500 years ago in the “Spring and Autumn” period (770BC-476BC), originally belonged to Qi state. However, the Northern portion of the city was established only a few hundred years ago.

Not only has the Yellow River given more land to Dongying, it also continues to bless the city with a great wealth of minerals and oil. But what is utility without beauty? Experience breath-taking sights as you gaze upon thousands of swans and other birds as the river’s delta. It is truly a feeling of paradise on Earth.

Dongying is proud to be home of Sun Tzu, who is considered the greatest Chinese military strategist. Sun Tzu has gained world renown for his work about military strategy, Art of War. Aside from the Tzu’s contribution to Chinese history and literature, the book remains a large influence on Western leaders of all professions. After visiting the Sun Tzu Shrine, visit the Dongying City History Museum to view similar ancient works of chirography and paintings of local history.

Of course if you’re looking for a gift to take back or maybe something just for yourself, Dongying holds some very special opportunities. Stop off at Kenli Zhongxing or Guangrao to grab some herbal apocynum tea and an elegant Qi pen, known for its long and proud history with the city.

Whether you seek to witness nature in its glory or find yourself in the home of Sun Tzu, Dongying has its door open for you.

Local Delicacies
Lijing Fried Stuffed Bun

Created in the Qing Dynasty, Lijing fried stuffed buns are prepared by boiling, steaming, and frying. With either meat or vegetable filling, they take on a deep, golden yellow in color. Lijing fried stuffed buns, which are crisp but not hard, and aromatic but not greasy, are favored by both young and old.

Guangrao Yao Donkey Meat

Legend has it that as far back as the Southern Song Dynasty, Yao donkey meat was a popular local delicacy. The meat, which is soft, delicious, and mellow, is said to refresh the mind, improve the stomach, and strengthen muscles and bones.

Yellow River Estuary Fish Soup

The fish soup served by Dingluo Town in Lijin County is the best in the area. Prepared with live fish from the ancient courses of the Yellow River and many special seasonings, the fish soup is milky in color, with tender meat and no bones.


The local crabs are also referred to as patterned crabs because of the distinct red, brown, and black patterns on their two hard shells. The crab meat is white, and tastes refreshing and delicious. You will often find them stir-fried, steamed, or boiled.

Long-tailed Anchovy from the Yellow River

The Yellow River teems with long-tailed anchovies in March every year. The fish have golden yellow backs, silver-white bellies, tender meat, and soft bones. Locally they are known as the “knife fish”, due to their appearance.

Shandong Dongying
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Shandong Dongying
Shandong Dongying Attractions
Xinma wines

Shandong Xinma Distillery Co.,Ltd is the largest wine-making enterprise in Dongying City in the terms of the pure-wine output now. Its series of wines with Xinma trademark are made from the fine grains such as corn、sorghum、rice、millet and wheat. The procedure is mixed with the Chinese traditional pure grains solid ferment and modern wine-making technique. All the products have the characteristics of purity, coordination, long-lasting fragrance and mellow taste,e.g the King Xinma Liquor etc. As one of the best wines in Shandong, Xinma wines have always been in the customers’ graces.

Xinma wines are mellow, the fragrance flows around!

Swan Lake

From late November to early April, head 15 minutes southeast from downtown Dongying and you’ll find yourself in a bird’s paradise. Thousands of black swans, grey swan, cranes and other birds hover in the sky or dance passionately on the water. Nowhere else in the world will you find such a sight!

Transportation: There are many ways to get to Swan Lake from downtown. You can either take the bus from Dongying public transportation in the East City Zone at 8, 9, or 10am to Swan Lake and return at 12, 1, 2, or 3pm. Another bus company which will take you to Swan Lake is Shengli Oilfield bus. It will pick you up at the central station in Xisi Lu at 8:20am and take you back at 3pm.

Tip: Be sure to get to the station 20 minutes early.

The Estuary of the Yellow River

At the juncture of the Bohai Sea and Laizhou Bay, the estuary of the Yellow River was formed after the breaching of the Yellow River embankment in 1855. At the estuary there is a vast expanse of land where wild grasses grow luxuriantly, and rare birds under state protection, such as seagulls and wild ducks, can be seen everywhere. On both banks of the Yellow River, the layers of vegetation are clear: The primitive forests stand at the highest spot, tall and straight reeds occupy the middle level, and forage grasses grow at the lowest land. Stand at a high spot and you will see the water of the Yellow River, like a yellow dragon, flowing into the blue sea—a wonderful scene indeed. At dusk, visitors may feast their eyes upon picturesque scenery of the long river bathed in the setting sun.

Qing Feng Lake

With Yellow River as its theme, the largest city park in Shandong was built with a blend of Western and historic Chinese style, between modern and traditional landscapes. Qing Feng Lake is also home to one of the tallest musical fountains in China. From the middle of the entertainment square, thousands of water rays dance in the sound of a beautiful song with fascinating lights in the background. The whole scene paints a complete picture of a modern Dongying in the Yellow River theme. Besides watching an entertaining presentation with music, water and light, you can engage in other activities such as sailing, fishing or sunbathing on an artificial beach.

Dongying History Museum

When entering the museum, the display will lead visitors to through a tour of the culture and history of Dongying from the formation. Each exhibit contains a piece of history, carrying a memory of the ancient times. You’ll be able to see painting collection exhibitions which feature several collections of calligraphy and paintings. Or look at the Guangrao custom exhibitions which show local pieces such as folk crafts and creations.

Address: No.270 YueHe Rd, Dongying 257300, China

Southern Song Hall and Sun Wu Shrine

In the northwestern corner of Guangrao County, the Southern Song Hall was constructed in 1128 (the second year of the Jianyan reign period of the Southern Song Dynasty). Originally it was Guandi Temple which was built to worship Guan Yu, one of the most popular commanders in Three Kingdom. Different from other commanders, Guan Yu tried to minimize war and confrontation as much as possible. Not only a messenger of peace in ancient time, his bravery and loyalty became legend in Chinese history. When captured by Sun Tzu, Guan Yu refused to switch his allegiance. With the special architectural style of the Song Dynasty, this hall provides precious data for the study of China’s wooden architecture in middle ancient times.

Sun Tzu Shrine, a classical memorial garden, was constructed with the Southern Song Hall situated in the center. The hall maintains a unique architecture style of Song Dynasty. In front of the middle hall stands a tall stone statue of Sun Tzu, the author of Art of War, one of the greatest books in Chinese history which has been studied by many Eastern as well as Western scholars.

Dongying Shengli Oilfield Technology Exhibition Center

Upon entering the center, visitors will have a vivid history of oil extraction process and the development of the Shengli Oilfield.

Yellow River Bridge.

Besides taking a cruise to the mouth of the Yellow River, tourist can also take a walk on the bridge, breath in the fresh air, and look at the magnificent view of the Yellow River.

Shandong Dongying Activities
Day 1:
  • Take bus from Dongying Car East Station at 8am or Shengli Bus Station at 8:20am to Swan Lake. Be sure your camera’s battery is full, since you won’t be able to resist taking pictures of the many rare birds which can only be found in Dongying.
  • Take a taxi to Yellow River Wharf (be sure to call 86-400-166-2158 to make prior arrangement) to enjoy the cruise to the Yellow River and witness the most spectacular view of the “Yellow” and “Blue” blending.
  • Go to 237 Zhongxing Rd, Kenli to shop for Apocynum tea, a product which represents the Yellow River characteristics.
  • In the evening, take taxi to TangGuo or Royal Qiangui to sing karaoke and show off your voice.
Day 2:
  • Visit Dongying History Museum to learn more about painting collections, folk heritages and other historic items about Dongying.
  • Take bus to Southern Song Hall and Sun Tzu Shrine to visit temple of the greatest military strategists in China.
  • Go to Kenli town to pick your own grapes and taste wine with other visitors and local residents.

KTVs in Dongying is inexpensive and loads of fun. Visitors can go to many KTVs such as TangGuo, Royal Qiangui, or Party World.

Picking grapes

Walking in the path of the garden, you will smell the aroma of unique Dongying grapes and feel the delight of a country area.

Shandong Dongying Shopping
Apocynum tea

A native of the Yellow River mouth area which is slightly cold, bitter sweet and has a high medicinal value. Apocynum medicine has more than a thousand years of history and has proven to strengthen health. It’s definitely a perfect gift for family and friends!

China Qi Pen

All the writing brushes produced in Guangrao County are called Qi brushes. Qi pen has a long history of more than 2000 years.  Meng Tian, a famous general of Qin State during the Warring States period, made significant contributions to transforming the writing brush and is regarded as the ancestor of writing brushes. The people of Guangrao have handed down the techniques for making writing brushes from generation to generation. Qi brushes generally fall into four kinds: brushes made of goat’s hair, rabbit’s hair, wolf’s hair, or mixed hair. The handles of writing brushes are made of bamboo, ivory, ox horn, glass, plastic, purple sandlewood, padauk, or Chinese littleleaf box.

Shandong Dongying Planning
Shandong Dongying Planning

Dongying City has convenient transportation facilities, including a convenient network  of airlines, railways, highways and waterways.

Multiple airlines go from Dongying to Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Harbin and Korla in Xinjiang. Trains travel regularly from Dongying to Nanjing, Zibo, Jinan, Tai’an, Qufu and Xuzhou. Travelers can also go to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou and other cities in Shandong Province by long-distance bus.

All the tourist attractions in the city can be reached by bus. Dongying has 36 bus lines, tourist buses and over 2,000 taxis that go directly from the city proper to all places of scenic and historic interest with the starting price of five yuan.

Dongying-Beijing: 1 hour by air, 4 hours drive expressway, 5.5 hours drive highway.

Dongying-Jinan airport: 1.5 hr drive

Dongying-Qingdao: 2.5 hrs drive

Airline information: 0546-7665015
Dongying Railway Station: 0546-2964712
Eastern Long-distance Bus Terminal: 0546-8327403
Western Long-distance Bus Terminal: 0546-8210315