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Shandong Liaocheng

Shandong Liaocheng, the Land of Water

Liaocheng City metro is located at the northwest corner of Shandong Province where the Yellow River connects with the Grand Canal of China, connecting Beijing with Hangzhou City in southern China. The Grand Canal was constructed to supply Beijing with merchandise and has been in operation for more than 1400 years. Liao Cheng was one of nine key commercial ports along the route. You can learn more about the city’s close connection with the canal at its Canal Museum of Liaocheng.

Liaocheng City is also the setting for many of the top classic novels in China, including Outlaw of the Marsh, The Golden Lotus, Strange Stories from a Chinese Studio, and The Travels of Lao Tsan.

The centerpiece of this water town is Dong Chang Lake, renown for its beauty. You’ll also find the city’s stunning opera house on its shore.

Visitors to the city should also venture to Ling Qing County in the northwest corner of Liaocheng City metro area, about one hour by car. There you’ll find historical buildings and original portions of the Great Canal. Ling Qing is also known for its quality bricks; almost all bricks used in Beijing’s Palace Museum were from Ling Qing.

Shandong Liaocheng
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Shandong Liaocheng Map

Shandong Liaocheng: Can't Miss Events

    Yanggu: Wusong Puching Tiger

    The novel, Outlaws of Water Margin (aka Water Margin), is one of top four Chinese classic novels. One of main character is Wu Song. He is known for his strong build, eager to help the helpless, and best of all, his courage after drinking alcohol. He happened to want to kill a tiger after he learned that the tiger had killed villagers. He did that in Yanggu, Liaocheng area.

    Oldest Section of the Grand Canal in Shandong

    Lioacheng grew prosperous thanks to the Grand Canal of China. See what remains of this historic site in downtown Lxaocheng City and learn about its important role in the city’s economy and history.

    Lingqing Custom Post

    With preserved foundations and restorative rebuilds, this, a UNESCO historical site was a circa-1429 tax office that at its peak contributed one-quarter of China’s national tax revenue. Nearby you will find an original section of the canal built in 1289 by the order of the first Emperor of Yuan Dynasty. This is one of the best preserved sections.

  • Dong Chang Lake Tour by Boat

    Take a boat ride to the center of this beautiful lake to enjoy and explore its center island.

Shandong Liaocheng Attractions

Liaocheng is also known as “Phoenix City.” It is home to the largest inland lake in North China—Dongchang Lake. Liaocheng is also famous for the Dongchang opera, paper cutting, and flour figurines. Don’t miss out on some of the city’s most famous local food such as fried fruit and donkey meat.

  • Shanxi-Shaanxi Guild Hall
    Shanxi-Shaanxi Guild Hall

    Shanxi and Shaanxi province club.

  • Imperial Endorsement Museum
    Imperial Endorsement Museum

    The largest collection of imperial endorsement documents for Ming and Qing Dynasty.

  • Art Museum of Gao Tang
  • Haihui Temple

    A Buddhist Temple.

  • Shizi Tower

    Built in 1036, this is the place where Chinese fictitious hero Wu Song killed the evil Xi Men Qing, a novel theme from Outlaws of Water Margin.

  • Explore Shandong
    from the eyes of a local
    3, 5 and 9-day itineraries available year-round

Shandong Liaocheng Activities

  • Linqing Hutong Tour

    Walk through small Alleys of Lin Ching.

  • Hot Spring at Acadia
    Hot Spring at Acadia

    About 30 themed pools that are very popular and inexpensive.

  • Two Day Bike Tour
    Two Day Bike Tour
  • Two Day Hot Spring Tour
  • Liaocheng is an enchanting water town. When you overlook the town, you can see that the view of the town is completely surrounded by water. Liaocheng is a charming, peaceful, picturesque city that you cannot miss.

  • Explore Shandong
    from the eyes of a local
    3, 5 and 9-day itineraries available year-round

Shandong Liaocheng Shopping

  • Wei’s Roast Chicken
    Wei’s Roast Chicken
  • Er Paste

    Local herbal nutritional supplement.

  • Wu Da Pancake
    Wu Da Pancake

Local Delicacies

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    Wei Smoked Chicken

    Created by Wei Yongtai of Beiguan in 1810 (the 15th year of the Jiaqing reign period of the Qing Dynasty), the smoked chicken has tender meat, crisp bones, a bright color and a delicious taste.

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    Gaotang Donkey Meat

    Meticulously prepared with high-quality meat, and more than 30 kinds of seasonings and perfume, such as the root of herbaceous peony, lilac, the rhizome of chuanxiong, and the bark of eucommja, the donkey meat is soft, aromatic, and delicious. As early as in the Northern Song Dynasty, Gaotang donkey meat was considered a delicacy.

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    Wudalang Biscuit with Pickle

    Wudalang Biscuit with Pickle is the famous local food, golden and soft outside and delicious inside. The ingredients consist of ginger, shallot, peanut oil, soy sauce, anise, etc. It is cooked by steam. The pickle is from Luxi and tastes a little bit salty.
    This is a unique food that you can only try in Liaocheng city, so don’t miss this tasty and special local food!

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    Shumai is a type of traditional Chinese dumpling and is served as Dim Sum. Linquing Shumai has more than a 100-year history and is one of the four famous local foods of Liaocheng. The shape looks like the pomegranate; the wrapping is very thin and inside is the meat, seafood, or mushroom…etc. It is cooked by steam, and tastes delicious!

Shandong Liaocheng Planning


Access from the Beijing-Kowloon Railway that runs through China from south to north, and the Qingdao-Jinan-Handan Railway and Expressway.
For information call 0635-8492522.


Long-distance buses operate regularly from Liaocheng to Jinan, Qufu, Tai’an, Dongying, Qingdao, Yantai, Beijing, Tianjin and Shanghai.
For information call 0635-8320982.

Urban Transport

  • Bus No.1 goes directly to Guangyue Tower, Haiyuan Pavilion, Fan Zhuxian Memorial Hall, Iron Pagoda and other tourist attractions.
  • Tourists may go visit the Shanxi–Shaanxi Guildhall by boat or by No. 12 bus.
  • Bus No. 2 and 7 go to Aotou (Turtle Head) Rock, Banknote Pass on the Canal, and the Pagoda for Buddhist Relics, via the railway station and the bus terminal.

Tour Ideas

Suggested 1-Day Tour
Tour of the beautiful Dongchang Lake

Take a tour of the beautiful Dongchang Lake. This is the only lake in the book Outlaws of Marsh that still exists today. Feel free to stroll its banks or take a boat out to enjoy the lake view. It will make you feel like one of the characters from the book. From here, you can depart to the Outlaws of Marsh film studio.

Visit the Outlaws of Marsh film studio

Visit the Outlaws of Marsh film studio and grab your lunch in the old city area. If you ever wanted to view ancient Chinese architecture, this is the place. The entire studio was built in an ancient architectural style. If you are lucky, you may also run into some famous Chinese movie stars!