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Shandong Linyi
Shandong Linyi, High Mountains and Long Rivers

Linyi, one of the most naturally beautiful cities in China, lies in southern region of Shandong. Here one can find an environment fit for kings, with a wealth of greenery, clear waters, deep history, and inviting people. In the vicinity of the Linyi you will find the Mengshan National Park, home to Mengshan Mountain. This tremendous mountain is the second of the “five great mountains of Shandong”, and is often described as a second “Mount Tai”. The foot of the mountain is rich with trees and colorful vegetation, while the peak of the mountain offers a commanding view for miles. Such an amazing display of nature will leave you both humbled and awe-struck. But if you happen to be here in winter, head to a nearby mountain like Chashan Mountain and enjoy a day on the slopes. Green or white, the mountains provide!

Many years ago, a great number of earthquakes afflicted the land. But this devastation, in turn, blessed the area with the cleanest of streams and hot springs. For a unique experience, watch the waters flow in the nearby Underground Grand Canyon, named one of the top 10 natural attractions in Shandong. Head to one of the many famous hot springs, such as Guan Tang or Zhishen Tang, and you will understand in a matter of moments why we are so lucky to have them. The warm, clean water is the ideal place to relax, soothing both body and mind. In fact many Chinese businessmen choose to have meetings at a hot spring to encourage cordial conversations. You could say our warm waters lead to a warm reception.

Linyi is also home to two great Chinese thinkers, Zhuge Liang and Wang Xizhi. Zhuge Liang, being such an intelligent military strategist, became the chancellor of the Shu State during the War of Three Kingdoms. (220AD-280 AD). However his influence reached far beyond the fields of battle, as he was well renowned to be a great scholar and thinker. He is responsible for the invention of numerous military and civilian machines; he is even responsible for the recipe of mantou, a Chinese steamed bun. Wang Xizhi was not a military man, but is instead referred to as the “sage of calligraphy”. From his first contact with calligraphy, Wang dedicated himself to this artistic form of writing. He is responsible for thousands of drawings and poems. He successfully embodied arts of both writing and drawing, inspiring people throughout the world forever. See the parks, temples, and houses dedicated to these men and you will understand why the Chinese people appreciate Zhuge Liang and Wang Xizhi as they do.

With such a provocative history and lush landscape, Linyi has become a proud and developed city. Shop in local market, thought to be the largest market in China, and see anything you could hope to find. Visit the first museum of its kind according to the Guinness World Records, filled to the brim with bamboo scrolls from Han Dynasty tombs and other relics. Taste the dish known as “Beggar’s Chicken”, the meal that even an emperor of China praised for its savory flavor.

Linyi is full of excitement and adventure… and it’s waiting for you!

Local Delicacies
Linyi San (Thick Meat Soup)

With a history of over 2,000 years, Linyi San is hot, aromatic, spicy, tasty, fatty, and rich in nutrients. It is a thick meat soup prepared with meat, crushed rice and wheat, onions, garlic, salt, flour, and soy sauce. Local people like to pair it with oily twists and cakes.

Mengyin Guanggun Chicken

Prepared with Mengshan chicken, and over 30 kinds of herbal medicines, Mengyin Guanggun chicken is both delicious and healthy.

Eight-treasure Fermented Soy Beans

Shandong Linyi has a history of 130-some years of producing such fermented soy beans, which are nutritious, aromatic, refreshing, and tasty.

Shandong Linyi
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Shandong Linyi
Shandong Linyi: Can't Miss Events
Mengshan Mountain Waterfall Observation Tourism Month in Autumn

Mengyin County in Linyi City holds Mengshan Mountain Waterfall Observation Tourism Month from September 23rd to October 21st every year. It features a series of enjoyable events, including: contests and celebrations, large theatrical performances, dragon dancing, sports activities, martial arts, apple picking, and the exhibition and sale of fruits.

Mengshan Mountain Longevity Festival

Mengshan Mountain is known as a natural “oxygen bar.” At the Double Ninth Festival (ninth day of the ninth lunar month), tourists flock to climb the mountain. At Guimeng Summit, the main peak of Mengshan, there is a 218-meter-tall statue of the god of longevity.

Xizhi Calligraphy Art Festival

Calligraphy is the quintessence of Chinese culture. On September 3rd, the birthday of Wang Xizhi, Liyi City holds the calligraphy art festival to advocate traditional Chinese culture.

The Residence Museum, the Sage of Caligraphy, Wang Xi Zhi.

It is believed that Wang had dried up his pond to grind the paint. It could be a little storytelling, but you get the point once you see it.
Chinese calligraphy is originated from the strokes of Chinese characters. In contract to western languages where combination of letters describes the meaning of words, the strokes of the Chinese characters reflect the image of the objects to be described and messages is conveyed through the painting. In Chinese culture, the beauty of calligraphy is portrayed to such an extent; the characters of the writer can be discerned from the style of his/her handwriting.

Among many styles of Chinese character strokes, Li, Kai, Cao, Xing and Zhuan (big and small Zhuan) are called the six distinguished schools of calligraphy. To this day, this ancient writing practice remains a pure form of Chinese art, succumbing to no foreign influences.

Calligraphy is embedded and exemplified in every corner of Shandong province. In steel, on the cliff and on stone tablets, calligraphy engraved stones, by the famous, Emperors or the dignitaries, are everywhere. Epigraphs showcase not only history, but also all six major schools of calligraphy.

Shandong is a lavish banquet hall of Chinese calligraphy, which has become a mother who has bred Chinese literature, history, philosophy, and above all Chinese national dignity.

Guantang Spring

Guangtang Hot Spring is located in Tangtou, a small town with a history of thousands of years. As early as two thousand years ago, Guantang Hot Spring is famous for its medical benefits; it is one of the oldest hot springs in historical records. The architectural design is based on the style of Tang Dynasty, it shows the culture and folk custom of this well-known dynasty in China.

Zhisheng Spring Tourist Holiday Resort

Zhisheng Hot Spring Tourist Holiday Resort has been listed as the National 4A Tourist Spot. It combines the recreation resort, the hot spring sap, eco-tourism, the business conference room and the culture center. They provide a variety of customer services. It can be seen as the top one hot spring tourist resort in China. Also, Zhisheng Spring Tourist Holiday Resort is close to other tourist attractions, such as, National Mountain Meng Forest Park, Underground Grand Canyon, etc., which is convenient for tourists to visit other places. Furthermore, it will be free for female tourists who wear bikinis to go.

Shandong Linyi Attractions
Mengshan Mountain

Mengshan Mountain tourist attraction includes three tourist districts, which are Mountain Yi tourist district, Mountain Gui Meng district and Yun Meng district. Also, that is the location of world heritage, Qi Great Wall. Mengshan Mountain is also known as National 4A Tourist Attraction, National Forest Park and National Geology Park. When you climb on undulating hills and mountains, you will be surrounded by fresh air, greeneries and graceful nature views. You can also see some famous tourist spots, such as: the magnificent Nine Dragon Lake, spectacular, giant China Waterfall, tremendous Lion Mesa, etc. Mengshan Mountain is a tourist destination of magnificent and picturesque natural scenery which is a graceful place for tourists to go for relaxation.

Shandong Tianyu Museum of Natural History

Shandong Tianyu Museum of Natural History has been listed as the National 4A Tourist Attraction in 2007. There is a 4D cinema, a scientific research institute and 28 exhibition rooms in the museum. The museum exhibits paleontology collections, mineral specimens and fossils. It preserved more than 1,200 pieces of dinosaur fossils and more than 2,200 pieces of bird fossils. The museum also displays the world’s largest amethyst cave, and the largest turquoise specimens. Additionally, since there are 1,106 complete preservations of dinosaur fossils, the museum was identified as “The World’s Largest Dinosaur Museum” by Guinness World Records UK headquarters. Furthermore, tourists can also see deer, rhinoceros, carnivorous animals, insects and plants fossils in the museum. Shandong Tianyu Museum of Natural History is a great place for tourists to know more about the origin of life, and to explore the mystery of the nature. The museum is also considered as “Shandong Province Science Education Place”, “China Paleontology Education Institution”, and “The World’s Largest Geology Museum.”

Bamboo Spring (Zhuquan) Village

Bamboo Spring (Zhuquan) Village is a must-visit if you would like to experience Chinese traditional village life. Due to Bamboo Spring (Zhuquan) Village is surrounded by mountains and rivers, it is considered as the good Feng Shui place. Bamboo Spring (Zhuquan) Village is named for its abundance of bamboos and springs. Moreover, you can see beautiful stone paths lined between the classical buildings, and the stream is very limpid.  The village has more than 400-year history.  Moreover, the fountain passes the national standard for drinking natural mineral water! Therefore, people can drink the natural mineral water directly from the spring.

Shandong Linyi Activities
Mengshan Mountain Longevity Culture Festival

Mengshan Mountain Longevity culture Festival is an important and famous festival. It is being held on September 9th lunar month, which is also known as “The Double Ninth Festival.” The theme of the festival is longevity, and activities are drinking chrysanthemum wine, climbing, eating cake, seeing chrysanthemum flowers and inserting cornel. The festival has increased the reputation of Mengshan Mountain and promoted Mengshan Mountain as “Longevity Mengshan Mountain, a good place of regimen.”

Willow Weave Baskets

Willow weave baskets are one of the Chinese traditional crafts. In the past, people use the willow weave basket as the article for daily use. Nowadays, willow baskets become the art handcraft. Willow weave baskets in Linshu, Linyi has a history of more than 1,400 year. The handcraft that they produced has been considered as the indications of agricultural product.

Shandong Linyi Shopping

Linyi has mountains, hills, and plains taking up one third of its land making it very rich in produce. Its honeysuckles, mountain scorpions, walnuts, gingko, Lanling wine, green tea, ink slabs, straw woven products, and printed cloth enjoy a high reputation nationwide. The honeysuckles produced by Pingyi are large in size, pure in color and aromatic in smell, and contain high effective elements. Scorpions of Yimeng, which are fat, large, and red in color, provide  precious medicinal materials, and are known as mountain delicacies.

Linyi is also famous for its stone. Legend has it that when Xu Gong, a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level, passed the place where Feixian and Yinan meet, he picked up a stone and used it as an ink slab for his examination in the capital. Though it was a cold winter, the ink on the slab was not frozen. Xu Gong wrote an excellent article , and became a top scholar. The ink stone was named as Xu Gong Ink slab. Xu Gong stone is high in quality, with changeable patterns, and is especially good for making ink slabs.

Shopping Streets
Shandong Linyi Planning

Linyi is close to Qingdao, Rizhao, Lanshan, and Lianyungang harbors and is convenient to navigate. The city proper has the largest passenger transport center by highway in Shandong Province. The Beijing-Shandong and Rizhao-Dongming expressways, No. 205, 206, 310 and 327 national roads, and over 10 provincial roads run through Linyi City.

Linyi has the national second-class airport. Scheduled flights travel from Linyi to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wenzhou, Yiwu, Ningbo, Dalian, Jinan, and Qingdao.

Transportation Phone
Bus Information: 0539-8224605
Train information: 0539-2962762
Airline information: 0539-8239000