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Shandong Rizhao
Shandong Rizhao, the City of Sunshine

Ri Zhao, the “Sun Shine” City in Chinese, is aptly named for being the first city to embrace the morning sun in China. With more than 60 miles of golden beaches, Ri Zhao rests along the eastern coastline of Shandong. Affectionately known as the “Sailing Capital” by locals, Ri Zhao is proud to have hosted the sailing events of the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympic Games. Indeed, Ri Zhao’s welcoming people and beautiful landscape make it an alluring destination for all.

While smog routinely engulfs cities across China, our lush bamboo forestry and one hundred miles of tea farms have made Ri Zhao into the perfect oasis. Blessed with high quality beach sand and an average temperature of 55°F, Ri Zhao is a popular location for swimmers, surfers, photographers, and –of course –romantic couples.

Whether for a week or just a weekend, Ri Zhao is a convenient escape destination. Enjoy the scenery during a 4-hour bullet train ride from either Beijing or Shanghai. Not a fan of train rides? Fly right into Qingdao and take a scenic drive down the highway. Either way, you’ll witness the commercial world melt into shades of green as you make your way to Ri Zhao.

Ri Zhao is renowned as one of the three Tea Capitals of China. Here you will be warmly invited to harvest tea leaves with local tea farmers and stay at their house for the night. Likewise, feel free to go coastal fishing with fishermen from one of the 30 fishing villages and 3000 fishing families in the area. But definitely take the opportunity to relax and walk through the bamboo forests before heading back home.

Welcome to Ri Zhao.

Local Delicacies

Shandong Rizhao is rich in marine life, such as squid, silvery pom fret, conger pike, prawn, swimming crab,and  scallop. It is well known for its seafood dishes, such as Shrimp Meat with Green Belts and Coconut Milk, and Prawns with Special Juice.

Shandong Rizhao
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Shandong Rhizao Map
Shandong Rizhao: Can't Miss Events
Liujiawan Beachcombing Festival

Every year from April 20th to October 20th, tourists can go to the beach to collect marine life. In October, Liujiawan holds the Beachcombing Festival.

“Five Lotus Spring” Azalea Festival

This annual festival is held between April 24th and May 6th. Celebrations are held in the Five Lotus Mountain and the Nine Immortals Mountain with themes of flower and scenery appreciation, folk customs tours, and trade talks and cooperation.

Shandong Rizhao Attractions

Rizhao is known as the “Oriental Sun City.” Its luxurious beach and bright blue sky and ocean waters resemble Hawaii’s beautiful landscape. Additional city attractions include their scenic mountain and forest park areas. The city is famous for its history of ancient black pottery that was buried for over 4,000 years. Currently, that pottery is displayed in museums around the world and many experienced artists successfully carry on the art form today.

Tour Ideas
Day 1
Wan Ping Kou beach area

Start with a visit to the Wan Ping Kou beach area. Feel free to sun bath, stroll along the beach, or enjoy other activities. (Time allotted: Roughly 3 hours.)

Yuhai Bay

Visit the Yuhai Bay where tea plants are harvested. You can pick tea leaves and learn how to make tea.

Seaside National Forest Park

Depart to Seaside National Forest Park and spend the evening there.


Depart to Seaside National Forest Park and spend the evening there.
Beautiful sunrise around 5 a.m

Enjoy a beautiful sunrise around 5 a.m. The sunrise over the ocean is a must-see event when you visit Rizhao. At this early morning hour, you will also get a chance to see fishermen catch fish. Afterwards, come back to the hotel for breakfast and get ready for your hike in Seaside National Forest Park.

Beachcomb at Liujia Bay

Next, visit the Beachcomb at Liujia Bay. You can jump on a boat with fishermen to get a sense of what a fisherman’s life is like. Get together with a local fisherman’s family afterwards and enjoy great food and company. Then, travel back to the hotel for the night.

Day 3
Hiking at Mount Wulian

Depart to Mount Wulian for a hike. Mount Wulian is popular for its scenery and variety of plant life. It is also famous for its peony.

Rizhao Harbor

A visit to Rizhao Harbor will be an eye-opener to those who are interested in ocean-going navigation and modernized ports.

Fulai Mountain, Dinglin Temple and King Gingko Tree

Six kilometers west of the ancient city of the state of Ju in Juxian County, is a 2A scenic zone, and the nature reserve of Shandong geological ruins. Fulai Mountain is elegant, refined, and graceful, with a large number of historical sites. In Dinglin Temple, there are three pavilions by the pond, and a large number of historic inscriptions. Numerous cliffside inscriptions can be found on Cloud and Dragon Precipice, and Weird Rock Valley and the stories about the ancient Great Wall and Life Saving Spring are spread far and wide.

Dinglin Temple is among the oldest temples in Shandong. First constructed in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420), the temple reached its prosperity in the Southern and Northern Dynasties (420-589), with a history of over 1,500 years. In this ancient temple, Liu Xie (465-523) wrote The Literary Mind and the Carving of the Dragon (first Chinese aesthetics and literary critics book).

When one enters the courtyard, a huge tree will come into view. Over 27 meters high and five meters wide, it is the The Oldest “Gingko Tree on Earth.”

Shandong Rizhao Activities
Rizhao Cinema

Address: 1 Rizhao Nanlu
Tel: 0633-8221301

Shijiu Cinema

Address: 64 No.1 Huanghai Road, Rizhao
Tel: 0633-8331483

Shandong Rizhao Shopping

Rizhao is known for it’s black pottery, a craft known to ancient Chinese civilization dating back 4,500 years, today it retains a high artistic value.

Other local products include Rizhao Wine, screens and hanging fans of Juxian County, stone carvings, gingko and green tea, which is soft and fragrant.


Like with technology, much of the clothes that are labeled “Made in China” are usually more affordable here in Jinan than back home. So get out there, shop around, and cut out the middle man.


That’s right, we said Walmart. Head into the shopping center to find this familiar giant.


Another household name for Western Europeans, Tesco is bound to provide some of the comforts of home in case you need a breather.

Culture Market

Talk about the ultimate area to go souvenir shopping. The culture market thrives on weekends by selling anything from pottery and paintings to postcards and stamps.

Technology Market

With many technology parts being manufactured in China, one could assume that purchasing items here will be less expensive. Well in many cases, that’s true. Head down to this market to buy new and second-hand goods, often for really great deals!


Made from donkey hide, this substance has a variety of uses. Ejiao has medicinal and manufacturing uses, while also being edible as a snack. It might sound strange at first but, trust us, it’s pretty useful stuff.

Rizhao Department Store

Address: 46 Zhengyan Road Tel: 0633-8226999

Shandong Rizhao Planning

Rizhao has easily accessible expressway and railway facilities. No. 204 and 206 national roads run through Rizhao from south to north; and the Tai’an-Shijiu and Lanshan-Yanzhou highways, the RizhaoZhuyuan Expressway, and the RizhaoHeze Double-track Railway, from east to west.

Rizhao is less than 160 kilometers from the Qingdao, Lianyungang, Linyi or Weifang airports with high-quality roads leading to the airports. Regular trains go directly from Rizhao to Beijing, Zhengzhou, Jinan, Linyi, Xi’an, Shanghai, Nanjing, Tianjin, Suzhou, Hangzhou, Kaifeng and other cities in China.

Urban Transport

It is also very convenient for tourists to visit all scenic spots and historical sites by bus from the city proper of Rizhao. Rizhao City has more than 10 public bus lines, including two round-the-city lines. Bus No. 10 goes directly from the long-distance bus station to the No. 3 bathing beach.

The telephone number for train information: 0633-3966712

The telephone number for long-distance bus information: 0633-8221003