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Shandong Weihai

Shandong Weihai, A Garden-like City by the Sea

Weihai, dubbed China’s Garden City, rests along the shoreline in the northeastern end of Shandong. This coastal city boasts lush forests, picturesque islands, and more than 600 miles of beautiful, clean beaches! Its clean waters and fertile land have given way to large agricultural industry and the largest production of seafood in all of China. In addition to its great beauty, Weihai has been a city of great importance since China reopened its doors to foreign investment in the 1980s. Now, education and research thrive with hundreds of programs available to students from around the world. In addition to its student travelers, many corporations have come to call this city home. Natural beauty, a booming business culture, and high standards of living have led the United Nations and other international groups to name Weihai as one of the most livable cities in the world.

This alluring city is also steeped in a rich history. While belonging to China now, the mainland area was once leased to the United Kingdom for many years, while Luigong island across the bay was leased to Russia! As time went on, the area was captured by the Japanese when China lost territory in the Sino-Japanese War in 1895. The area then remained under Japanese control until the end of the Second World War. Because of this extreme mix of ownership, Weihai is a cultural haven for people of all ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds.

Today, popular attractions include the Cheng Shan Tou Cliff at Rong Cheng where visitors can admire a unique memorial to the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang who is known best for unifying China in 221 BC; Liugong Island, considered the birthplace of the Chinese navy and home to both modern and historic battle ships; the Hekou Fishing Village, famed for their interesting and ingenious seaweed roofing; and Swan Lake, the migration destination of thousands of swans who arrive from Russia each winter! Make sure to leave plenty of time in your schedule for exploring the many attractions and landscapes of this city.

Shandong Weihai
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Shandong Weihai

Shandong Weihai: Can't Miss Events

    Sino-Japanese War Museum at Luigong Island

    The museum is at the formal headquarters of China’s northern fleet and naval academy. Take a 20-minute boat ride to Liu Gong Island as the local battle is described in detail. You will see sunken battleship remains, a wax situation room, and carefully preserved British style row houses.

    Swan Lake

    Visit this local lake where hundreds of swans migrate to make their home during Russia’s rough winters.

    Cheng Shan Tou of Rong Cheng City

    The location of the first glimpse of sunrise in China, it features picturesque cliffs and a lighthouse.

    Hekou Fishing Village

    Visit this small fishing village where locals use seaweed to build their roofs. About 1,300 such houses make up the village, some 300 years old.

Shandong Weihai Attractions

  • Donkey Island and Chicken Island
    Donkey Island and Chicken Island

    Legend tells that the Er-lang God reclaimed land from the sea and suddenly heard the sound of donkeys coming from the East Seabed. Spooked, he dropped his basket into the sea, upon which the Donkey Island surfaced. The view is spectacular. The Chicken Island attracts thousands due to a popular TV show that swept China a few years ago titled, Dad and Me.

  • Rushan Silver Beach
    Rushan Silver Beach

    Snow-white with moss-soft sands. Visit Tide Lake, Gongjia Island, Sanguan Pavilion.

  • Daru Hill
    Daru Hill

    Check out Rushan Bay Cultural Town, Marine Eco-Park.

  • Tianmu Hot Spring Resort
    Tianmu Hot Spring Resort

    At Wendeng District, Weihai. It is a huge spring complex.

  • Red Hill Chishan Recreational Area
    Red Hill Chishan Recreational Area

    Come to see red rocks and a big Buddha at Fahua Temple of 1,000 year history.

  • Shandong
    The Jewel Between
    Beijing and Shanghai

Shandong Weihai Activities

  • Tangpo Hot Spring
    Tangpo Hot Spring

    This huge comprehensive holiday resort consists of a natural hot spring, entertainment, business meeting and conference accommodations, and 27 holes of golf.

  • Yujiale

    Chinese style bed and breakfast (lunch and dinner are available). Home-cooked seafood. It is very inviting and is available everywhere.

Shandong Weihai Shopping

  • Fishing Supplies
    Fishing Supplies
  • Jiaodong Sea Cucumber
    Jiaodong Sea Cucumber

Local Delicacies

  • h

    With a long history, Weihai cuisine is a component part of Jiaodong cuisine, a branch of Shandong cuisine. Weihai is well known for meticulously prepared seafood dishes. Local cooks are particular about skills in the use of the kitchen knife, the shape of dishes, duration and degree of cooking, and the taste. Local dishes are fresh, crisp and tender, with a light taste and original soup. The representative local dishes include Soy Sauce Sea Cucumbers, Hand-braised Prawns, Lotus Scallops, Soy Sauce Conchs, Crabs with Ginger Juice, Steamed Jiajie Fish, Friend Longevity Vegetables and Weihai Soup.

Shandong Weihai Planning

Stay at Hotel Nishi at Rongcheng

This is a newly opened five-star hotel with a view of the sea from every room. Offers the best seafood at very reasonable price. Check out the lobby and enjoy the best massage and hotel service in Shandong.
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Suggest a minimum two-night stay at Weihai.

Day One:

Liu Gong Island, Weihai downtown historical tour and Tanpo Hot Spring.

Day Two:

Chengshantou, Swan Lake, and seaweed village, Tianmu Spring.