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Shandong Zaozhuang
Shandong Zaozhuang, No. 1 Pomegranate Orchard on Earth

Zaozhuang is known to as the world’s “Number 1 Pomegranate Orchard”, It is located in the middle of the southern part of Shandong. Blessed with a warm and tropical climate, with the water of Zhaoyang Lake on its doorstep, Zaozhuang is home of agriculture. With that in mind, the area has used its abundant resources to contribute to the delicious cuisine of Shandong. Meat and vegetable dishes here have won the hearts, or perhaps we should say stomachs, of every visitor time and time again.

Great mountains and cliffs can be found in the area, beautifully contrasting the Grand Canal that is known throughout China. The lake is equally mesmerizing at sunset, and is definitely a site not to miss. With colorful landscape ranging from marshes and plains to hills and mountains, you could say Zaozhuang is a feast for the eyes as well.

Due to its ancient and intricate history, Zaozhuang contains a large amount of ancient relics and structures. In fact, Zaozhuang still has more than 72 temples which have survived from the war. During the early 1900s, a great movement began to fight off the Japanese forces occupying China. Miners and railroad workers from Zaozhuang became the part of the movement which was known as the “Railway Guerrillas”, and helped to push back the invaders. Both garden and monumental area stand to dedicate their selfless service in the protection of their people.
Among the greatest treasures from Zaozhuang is Mozi’s hometown. Mozi is an ancient Chinese philosopher. While his thoughts and values differed greatly from the established practices of Taoism and Confucianism, they garnered great support among the people. His philosophy, Mohism, was one of the “four schools of philosophy” during the Spring and Autumn time. It emphasizes equal care and consideration for all people, regardless of their relationship and standing. The concept was to create a universal code of ethics for man to live by, and affects the thoughts of people both in and out of China even today.
We welcome you to Zaozhuang, a land of peace and plenty of history, culture and nature scenery.

Local Delicacies
Mutton Soup

In the Chinese term, food can be considered as either “heaty” or “cooling”. These terms are used to express certain symptoms that can occur to the body after consumption of the food. Despite mutton being known to be a heaty food, drinking a bowl of hot mutton soup during the summer time is one of the traditional practices in Zaozhuang. The soup base is white in color, the meat is soft and tender and it tastes fresh without the fishy mutton smell. Different district in Zaozhuang has their version of the mutton soup and Yicheng Zhouying Mutton Soup is one of the most famous in Zaozhuang.

Vegetable Pancake

When we talk about Pancakes, we think about Shandong, and when we talk about Vegetable Pancakes, we have to think about Zaozhuang! Golden and crispy on the outside, soft and tasty inside – it should be a dish that a vegan would be yearning for. The ingredients consist of peanuts, sesame, corn, wheat and different kinds of grains, and fresh vegetable. No preservative or coloring, a healthy food choice!

Zaozhuang Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken dish is always being presented during a banquet in Zaozhuang and it is often the last dish to be served. So if you are at a dinner banquet and you saw this dish, you will know that the gathering is coming to an end. The recipe to this Spicy Chicken dish is tender diced chicken, plenty of fresh hot pepper, soy sauce, rice vinegar, stir-fried to form this savory, spicy and delicious food. For tourists who enjoy spicy food, you have to give Zaozhuang Spicy Chicken a try!

Shandong Zaozhuang
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Shandong Zaozhuang Map
Shandong Zaozhuang: Can't Miss Events
The Ancient City of Tai’er’zhuang

The Ancient City of Tai’er’zhuang is full of historical culture, and it is the first World War Two memorial site. The Tai’er’zhuang War Memorial Museum displays many World War Two cultural or historical relics. Furthermore, it is the first Cross-Strait exchange base. It is therefore named as “The Living Canal” and “The Last Remaining Legacy of the Grand Canal” by The World Tourism Organization. Tai’er’zhuang was ruined by the battle in 1938. To preserve the Chinese culture and history, it was reconstructed in 2008. Tourists can get a glimpse of the ancient panorama reconstruction in Tai’er’zhuang museum.

Tai’er’zhuang is a city on water, so tourists can tour the area in boat. Different types of buildings such as, traditional water town design buildings, European style architectures, religion style buildings etc line up along the river. The boatman will sing folk songs while rowing the boat. These features create the attractive, picturesque and peaceful view of The Ancient City of Tai’er’zhuang.

Shandong Zaozhuang Attractions
World renowned Pomegranate Park in Yicheng Distric

Zaozhuang’s Pomegranate Park in the Yicheng district, with over 530,000 pomegranate trees and 48 different species, is known as “Rare in the world” and “#1 in China” by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). It is also listed as a National 4A Level Tourism Spot. The Park is not just an important base for the production of pomegranate, it is an ecological garden coupled with its natural mountains and rivers, local folk culture and religion, making it a great place to visit for recreational purposes and a great tourist attraction. The Pomegranate Park has a history of more than 2000 years, dating back to the Han Dynasty.

Bear Ear Mountain National Geological Park

Double Dragon Great Rift Valley lies in Bear Ear Mountain National Park in Zaozhuang. This Valley was formed over a period of at least 500 million years through the effects of weathering. Many geologists would come here to study the geological environment. The Park is also a great place for adventure tourists and rock climbers!

Lake Weishan Wetland Red Lotus Tourist Attraction

Lake Weishan Wetland Red Lotus Tourist Attraction has been listed as “The Largest National Wetland Park” in China. In July and August when the lotus flowers blossom, tourists can row in a little boat down the stream, surrounded by lotus flowers, listening to the sound of the wind and at the same time tasting fresh and sweet lotus seeds while watching the ducks and geese swimming around the lake. There are many events held here throughout the year, such as the Lake Weishan Red Lotus events, photography competitions and riding activities. Lake Weishan has become the popular ecological tourist attraction.

Baodugu National Forest Park

Baodugu National Forest Park in Shanting District with its flat-roof peak is also commonly known as ‘The First Mesa in the World”. The Forest Park was named after an old farmer who worked in the mountain and passed away while still carrying his calf in his arms. The mountains are also house to many temples, making it an earthly paradise.

Shandong Zaozhuang Activities
Tai’er’zhuang Annual Ancient Canal Opening Ceremony

Every second of February in the Lunar calendar, Tai’er’zhuang will hold a “Canal Opening” ceremony where people would perform rituals to pray for safety and good luck for the boaters for the entire year ahead. This custom which originated from the Ming dynasty has been around for the past 400 years. The gate of the canal would be closed during the winter time when people do not have to go out to work at the sea, and it will reopen again in Spring when the people are ready to start work. Before they set off for the sea, they will perform worshipping activities to the “gods of the canal” to pray for the safe return of the boaters.

Shandong Zaozhuang Shopping

Zaozhuang features a large variety of local products, such as rice, pomegranates, yellow pears, cherries, Gulabian Tea, salted duck eggs and clay pottery of Fuli. Yicheng is noted for its variety of pomegranates. The price for high-quality pomegranates ranges from 10 to 15 yuan per kilogram. 

Shopping Streets and Firms

Dongfang Building

Address: In the middle of Jiefang Road, Zaozhuang

Zaozhuang Shopping Center

Address: Triangle Garden, Zaozhuang

Shandong Zaozhuang Planning

Zaozhuang has developed a comprehensive transportation network of airlines, railways, and highways that make travelling through the area convenient. 

 The city is 50 kilometers from the Xuzhou, Lianyungang, Jining or Linyi airports and has three outlets to the sea. The Beijing-Shanghai Railway, the Beijing-Fuzhou Expressway, and No. 104 and 206 national highways run through the city. The Beijing-Hangzhou Canal runs through the southern part of the city. 

Urban Transport

Zaozhuang has over 20 public bus lines leading to all districts and Tengzhou City.

Train Ticket Office: 0632-3309500
Bus information: 0632-3396412
Zaozhuang Plane Ticket Office: 0632-3304071