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Traditional Chinese Opera singing live performance for the community
Delicious snacks along Furong Street to share with friends
Delicious snacks along Furong Street
Jinan Restaurant
Tea décor in the tea house by Black Tiger Spring
The famous baker in Jinan prepares a delicious snack
Jinan city square
Old and new city architecture in Jinan
The bullet train from Beijing to Jinan
Jinan modern cities
Daming Lake
Daming Lake
Daming Lake
Baotu Spring
Daming Lake waterfront
Decorative store along Furong Street
Shops along Furong Street
Jinan's main streets at night
Shops in Jinan city
The people relax by the spring waters for a cool and refreshing experience
View of Baotu Spring
One of the springs in Jinan
The spring water is so pure, people are collecting water into their canisters for keeps
People collecting water at the springs
Black Tiger Spring
Black Tiger Spring