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One-Day Tour in Nanyang Ancient Town
Written on 2018-07-10 4:37 PM

Nanyang Ancient Town is located in Weishan County, Jining, and it is one of the four major towns that developed the canal culture in China. During the Ming and Qing dynasty, many businesses thrived from this small town, and it even attracted business people from all over China to open their stores, hotels, restaurants, etc. Emperor QianLong from the Qing Dynasty visited this town frequently, and had left many historical relics. Up to this day, this ancient town has continued to maintain its historical remakes and natural scenery with it being surrounded by small rivers and bridges to cross parts of the Grand Canal. The locals very much still rely on boats as their main mode of transportation. And the houses they live in still retain the ancient architectural style. In 2014, the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal was selected as the World Cultural Heritage site; and because of that, Nanyang Ancient Town, received much recognition throughout the globe, since it is an important part of the canal.


Gather at Luqiao pier or east of Yutai pier to take a 30-minute boat ride to Nanyang Ancient Town. While on the boat, tourists will have the chance to enjoy the fresh air and gentle breeze. Upon arriving at Nanyang Ancient Town, the first thing to do is to not exit the boat. But instead, take a close look at the blooming lotus flowers as you’d want to sail through the center of the lotus area.
Tourists can pick their favorite local dishes for lunch at really affordable prices. And after, you can take a stroll around the ancient town to enjoy the peace, quietness, and tranquility. Before you leave by boat to return home, be sure to scout out the different relics left behind by Emperor Qian Long from the Qing Dynasty to see what exactly he left behind at the ancient town.

Location: Nanyang Ancient Town, Weishan, Jining

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