Travel Tips and Preparation
1. Airline Ticket

Please be sure to re-confirm your seat on the plane the night before your flight is scheduled. Also check the luggage policy, as they may vary from airline to airline.

2. Document: Passport and Visa

Don’t forget your passport. In addition, it’s a good idea to keep a copy of your passport in a separate location in case your passport is lost or stolen. It is also recommended to have photocopies of other important documentation.

3. Money

Visa, Mastercard and American Express are all used as payment methods in China. We recommend you call your card carrier to notify them that you will be traveling overseas. For debit cards, BOA allows international withdrawals (the partner in China is China Construction Bank). In addition, please make sure you have cash or travelers checks on hand in case your credit card is not accepted in some suburbs or local stores in China.

4. Electronics

The power outlets in China are different than those in the US. If you bring any electronics, be sure you bring a power adaptor and transformer. Any local electronics store will have them in stock for you to purchase before you leave.

5. Medication

If you are on any medications, please bring them with you. You may not find the same medicine in China.

6. Dress Code

Pack normal clothes when you travel to Shandong as weather varies with season. However, if you plan to do some hiking there, please make sure to bring warmer coats; in the rainy season please also be sure to carry an umbrella. You should  double check the weather forecast as some sites may close under special weather conditions.

7. Cell Phones

Contact your cell phone carrier before departing to find out the international rates that apply to your cell phone plan. Many carriers offer international plans that may be purchased by the month.

8. How to Call China

When dialing China, please remember to dial 86 (country code) + area code + number. Most places in China now have WIFI so you can also call China and the US with Skype from your laptop or Smartphone. When you arrive in China and try to call a Chinese number, you can just dial the area code + number.

9. Moisturizer

Bring lip balm and moisturizer, especially when you plan to travel in the winter months as it is a dry climate.

10. Site Protection

Many attractions in Shandong are valuable historical sites. Please help protect them.

11. Caution

Please make sure to take care of your belongs due to the large crowds at our tour sites. Also, always be aware of your itinerary and what route you should be taking to get to your destination.