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Understanding China Through Shandong

Discover the “Real China” through the eyes of those who have explored it. Experience Shandong’s nature, culture and history through these stories from real visitors.

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Written on 2018-10-30 2:00 PM

Let’s go and watch a Taishan shadow play! Shadow play or shadow puppetry established unshakable position in Chinese art area. It is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment that uses opaque, often elaborately designed figures in front of an illuminated backdrop to create the illusion of moving images. Today, puppets made of leather and […]

Written on 2018-10-29 1:00 PM

The first-ever AAAA scenic area in Shandong, the Nashan Mountain Tourist Area in Yantai welcomes visitors with amazing natural, architectural, and religious experiences. Tour the culture park with its many buildings in different styles from different periods, enjoy fishing, boating, or relaxing along the 20 km coastline, or pay your respects to some of the […]

Written on 2018-10-28 12:00 PM

Take a stroll in Yuncheng’s old town, where stories from the WaterMargin is unfold here. The original architecture of the buildings are designed with elaborated wood carvings, especially across the ceilings and walls. This same spear is the exact type and weight that was used 1,000 years ago when 108 ancestors used it on horses […]

Written on 2018-10-27 12:00 PM

In this tourism certified village, even the bathrooms are extremely westernized with English signs all over (in English, the sign says “Handicap Friendly”)! This bamboo forest is called the . The drinkable water is widely available for us from the river stream which comes from the natural springs, flanked by stone walk paths on both […]

Written on 2018-10-26 11:00 AM

At Shandong’s easternmost point in Rongcheng, there is a monument memorializing the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty, Qin Shi Huang, known for unifying China in 221 BC. He is said to have visited the spot in the early days of the dynasty, on a quest for immortal elixirs. Known today as China’s “Cape of […]

Written on 2018-10-25 11:00 AM

Over 368 rare bird species either migrate to and/or from Dongying’s wetland-serve or live in their habitat like the Red Crowned Crane, Oriental White Stork, and Saunder’s Gull. With the Yellow River Estuary, the scenery combines its broadness and novelty as it welcomes over 6 million bird species every winter. You’ll be surprised that there aren’t any […]

Written on 2018-10-24 11:00 AM

Calling all history buffs! The Great Wall of Qi, built during the Zhou Dynsaty, was constructed by the Qi State to defend against an invasion by the Kingdom of Chu. Almost 400 miles in length, this wall is considered to be the oldest Great Wall in China. Of what still remains, the wall is a […]

Written on 2018-10-23 10:30 AM

In the heart of Rongcheng, a suburb of Weihai, foodies can get a taste of old and new at one of the region’s most popular Cultural-Revolutionary-styled restaurants. Although situated inside of a modern high-rise, from the moment diners enter, it’s like stepping back in time. Choose your meal, not by looking at a menu, but […]

Written on 2018-10-22 10:30 AM

Laiwu makes up for a very refreshing place for ideas, research, agriculture showcases, etc. It’s a non-stop action with agricultural discoveries! One thing you’ll be stunned it the amazing ginger, garlic, and peppers produce they have. This is also a good opportunity for refreshing the minds of the agricultural heritage to educate our young ones. […]

Written on 2018-10-21 10:30 AM

Soar to new heights in Weihai on the world’s largest spokeless Ferris wheel, opening this summer. Reaching more than 475 feet hight, the wheel sits above the Bailang River and features 36 cars that take sightseekers on a 30-minute ride through the sky. Read more in this article via Shanhaiist.    Where? Weihai City